Theatre is community. Here are some of our favorite online destinations.


You can do more than watch.

Though we are no longer looking for support, it doesn't mean there aren't other great places out there that need your support. Theatre is a great place to spend some time or money because it requires so many types of people with diverse skills, all of them working together for a unified goal (which is more often than not, pretty fun!). It's great for kids and teens and even has room for adults that aren't necessarily seeking a lifelong career in the arts.

We weren't the first company to try what we tried and we won't be the last. Look around - there is no doubt some local organization that could benefit from all sorts of help. Sure, sometimes it's a little frustrating and disorganized, but life is messy. Help clean it up a little. It really is rewarding - and if the arts aren't your thing, there's something else out there for you. We trekked to the outer reaches of the five boroughs every summer because we believed we could connect communities everywhere. Hopefully that spirit persists everywhere today.